O Litter Artax's Angels

The 9 puppies, 5 males and 4 females, were born on 11th January 2020


"O" litter is a common litter with our friend Maria Sarol, kennel Desarma. Puppies from this combination were born and grow up under her watchful eye in Olsztyn.


Fargo Alarm Beskyd "Fargo"

(ICH AMORE MIO Alarm Beskyd x ICH ONDINE Alarm Beskyd)
HD A, DCM clear

res.World Winner '18
International Champion (C.I.B.)
Junior Champion of Czech Rep.
Champion of Czech Rep.
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Serbia
Club Champion
Czech Club Winner '17
Winner of Prag '17

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Altezza Massima Desarma Artax's Angels "Keja"

(ICH Ankor Kurazh FORWARD x ICH Altezza Massima TOP DELLA VITTORIA)
HD A, DCM clear

Junior Champion of Poland
Junior Champion of Lithuania
Junior Champion of Russia
Champion of Poland
Champion of Lithuania
Champion of Russia
Champion of Rus. Kynological Federation (RKF)
6x CACIB (PL, LT, RU) All we need to finish the International Champion title is the time interval

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ODIN DESARMA Artax's Angels (export Serbia)
OLLIVANDER DESARMA Artax's Angels (export Sweden)
OPTIMUS DESARMA Artax's Angels (Dobre Miasto, PL)
ORKAN DESARMA Artax's Angels (Poznań, PL)
ORRIN DESARMA Artax's Angels (Gdańsk, PL)

OBSESSION DESARMA Artax's Angels (Mrągowo, PL)
OCEANA DESARMA Artax's Angels (export Sweden)
OFFENSIVE DESARMA Artax's Angels (Ostróda, PL)
OLMAGIC DESARMA Artax's Angels (Iłowa, PL)

Gallery of puppies