Atlezza Massima Desarma Artax's Angels "Keja"

Urodzona: 03.03.2017
ojciec: Inter & Multi Ch. Ankor Kurazh Forward
matka: Ch. Altezza Massima Top Della Vittoria
Hodowca: Svetlana Garbuzova (Rus)
Właściciel: Arkadiusz Wasiak, Izabela Wasiak, Maria Sarol & mieszka z Maria Sarol


O Keji ...

Keja is a lovely a young girl bought, like Klara (Int & Multi Ch. Jetaime Talhi Galiana), from russian breeder Svetlana Garbuzova. She came to us as a promising 3 month old pup. Keja has a wonderful pedigree totally based on the top russian dogs. The same as her wonderful ancestors is a schnauzer with substance, strong bone, nice anatomy and a lovely head to complete the picture. She have everything that I love in a schnauzer! Wonderful strong body and extremely dynamic temperament.
We are extremely pleased to welcome this fabulous new girl in our kennel and breeding program.
Check back for updates as Keja grows :) To be continued ;)


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